Thursday, 22 November 2012

Sonu Nigam hosted a show after a gap of 17 long years

There is no doubt that as a singer Sonu Nigam has perfect command over hisvoice and he has the credit of being the voice of all the major stars of Bollywood.
However, other than a successful singerSonu even won accolades for hishosting skills when he held the mike for Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa in 1995. While his good looks ensured that he was an instant click with the ladies, his vocal talent catapulted his career to dizzying heights as a playback singer. And it was after a long gap of 17 years that Sonu Nigam took to hosting again.
Fortunately, this time too it was Channel Zee that came up with the offer for the legendary crooner. It is notable that in the wake of the channel completing its 20 years of existence, they approached Sonu to host the awards ceremony. And much to their surprise Sonu gave an instant nod without batting an eyelid.
He said, “I can never thank enough the ones who gave me a break. So, when the team approached me to return as a host for the awards, I looked at it as a way of expressing my heartfelt thanks”.
It is said that he went out of his way to ensure that the segment he was hosting at the ceremony was lively andentertaining. Not only did he involve himself with the writing and improvising of the script as an anchor, he even composed and sang an original song as a mark of tribute to the channel. His wife Madhurima designed his look as the host.
Well, we are sure he must have done a splendid job!