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Best Perfumes For Men Top Fragrances 2013

Best Perfumes For Men Top Fragrances 2013
Perfume is considered as a passion for men. It is their inborn instinct to be obsessed for them. Buying a good perfume needs an outstanding sense of smell. There are many few perfumes that are tempting and breathtaking. Men should use those perfumes which attract ladies. Without speaking a word you can show your presence by wearing one of the perfumes in the list below. Here is the list of top best perfumes for men to attract women in 2013.

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Le Male – Jean Paul Gaultier

Le male is the best choice if you want to be the eye candy of some party,or want to stay in the limelight in your office. Its T shirt shape bottle reflects ultimate masculinity .Wearing this perfume will realizes you that nothing is important in world than you. It is suitable for both day time and night out wear.

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Ferrari Black By Ferrari For Men

If you are a lover of cool and light scent than this is a perfect cologne for you. It has a slightly woody and fruity smell that would be very enchanting for office wear. Due to its light smell it will never be offensive for anyone. As far as its price is concerned it is not so expensive like other colognes .It comes in after shave form.

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Vintage Black – Kenneth Cole

Its sweet sour smell makes it man favorite among females. Contains grapefruit, lime, dewy greens, hints of white pepper, tequila, lavender and oak with sandal wood .It would be so enchanting if you wear it at night that it will trigger the nostrils of everyone especially chicks around you.

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Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

It is the best cologne for mature and middle age men. It has the perfect blend of grapefruit citrus, pimento, moss, nutmeg and vetiver .It was released in 2008 and has now become very famous for its freshness and purity .Perfumes basic notes will soothe you and vetiver keeps you fresh. It is a bit expensive cologne but love of every man.

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It has a blend of Lavender, Coriander, Peppermint, Geranium, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood and Cedar. Very usual ingredients but are so unique together. It is known as a teenager perfume. While wearing this scent a person feels so fresh and excited. It has the best captivating aroma since 2008.

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PACO RABANNE – One Million

Paco Rabanne introduced in 2008 has now become one of the top rated perfumes. It is also known as chick magnet because ladies are attracted to this smell. It contains scents of Grapefruit and mint. middle notes are of rose and base notes of amber, white woods and Patchouli. Men refer it as a golden fragrance relating its special effect to its beautiful golden bottle.

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One of the most famous perfume in men category is Obsession by Calvin Klein. Famous for its extravagant smell since it was established in 1986.Its top notes are bitter-sweet musk covered by pleasant fruits. It s middle notes contains mandarin and spice, sandalwood and amber, and on top of that musk. This is the best example for sophistication and elegance. This is a smell that conveys class and versatility.
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Ungaro III

One of the most intoxicating scents and is cheaper than any other top-notch scent. It has a blend of vodka,tobacco and ashen rose in it. Its base note is sandalwood fragrance. It has the most toughest fragrance that suites men for showing them their powerful side. The top most best thing in it is that it lasts for 9 to 10 hour. It is positive reinforcer for those who want their beloved ladies to be close to them.
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Davidoff Hot Water

This perfume is as hot as its name. Very tempting for the people around you. It is an antithesis for Davidoff Cool. It has a spicy,fresh and crispy scent and as referred as most inexpensive perfume. Patchouli, basil and pimento are the among the top notes. It is the best choice for night out. It also has a paprika essence in it.

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Acqua Di Gio – Giorgio Armani

It is a purely masculine perfume and rated as number one in the list due to its demand and popularity. The top note of this perfume is jasmine flower. White musk and cedar in it adds more enigmatic effect. The effect is aquatic and aromatic with a crisp of woody scent. It is referred as ‘summer time perfume’.
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