Sunday, 9 December 2012

Paul McCartney put off by bell

Paul McCartney put off by bell
Sir Paul McCartney ''f**ked up'' his Olympics performance, as he was distracted by a ''bloody great bell''.
Sir Paul McCartney ''f**ked up'' his Olympics performance.
The Beatles legend was put off by a ''bloody great bell'' chiming shortly before he started singing 'Hey Jude' at the London Games' opening ceremony and it left him perplexed as to when to start his performance.
He recalled: ''During the ceremony, we had a sound glitch. We pre-recorded a playback in case all hell broke loose, but I said, 'We wanna do it live'. Well, I f***ed up basically. I was supposed to wait for a cue but I forgot.
''Why? Well, there's this bloody great bell that we didn't know about. A bloody 50-tonne bell. It was deafening. We were trying to figure out what key it was in, but it was in no key known to mankind.
''I'm supposed to start on the chord of F, so I've gotta go 'Ding, ding, ding, F, F, F'. We were live, everyone was there, the world was ready and this bloody great bell goes off.
''And I forgot I've gotta wait for it, so I go 'Hey Jude...' and someone presses the playback. So there's me on the backing track and actual me, two of us singing.''
Paul was panic-stricken by the blunder but knew he couldn't do anything about it.
He added to : ''The drummer couldn't look at me because he was in hysterics and I was thinking, 'What have I done?' There was no stopping, it was the Olympics.''


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